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AMVJ Tennis welcomes you heartily!


AMVJ Tennis still welcomes new members, both youth and adults at Het Loopveld on the border of Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Furthermore, we have no mandatory canteen services!

Our contribution is one of the lowest in the Amsterdam/Amstelveen region. Our membership year runs from April till March the following year. If you become a member after 1 July, a discount will be applied.

Taking lessons is possible during the day and in the evening, at every level. For the youth we organize 16 group lessons for a fixed amount.

Mail to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Do you want to join AMVJ Tennis?
Click on "Lid worden?". After processing your registration you will receive a welcome email. It will take about a week before you receive your membership card at your postal address.

Contribution 2020

* 7.50 euro discount with a direct debit authorisation (mandatory for new members).

Membership   Contribution*
Full membership You can play every day of the week from 9-23 hrs. 215,00 euro
Day membership You can play from Monday - Friday from 9-18 hrs. 145,00 euro
Students (send a copy of your college card) You can play every day of the week from 9-23 hrs. 145,00 euro
Youth members (4-17 years, the age on 1 January is decisive)   95,00 euro
Entrance fee for new members   25 euro
Youth group lessons (16 lessons)   175 euro
Fine in case of non-payment We will call in a collection agency or 'deurwaarder' if neccesary 50 euro