Membership AMVJ Tennis


AMVJ Tennis welcomes you heartily!

AMVJ Tennis still welcomes new members, both youth and adults, at Het Loopveld on the border of Amsterdam and Amstelveen.

We have 6 gravel courts and 2 all weather courts (winter courts) and no mandatory canteen services!

Our membership year runs from April till March the following year. A family discount will apply for 3 or more members on the same address.

Taking lessons is possible during the day and in the evening, at every level. For the youth we organize group lessons for a fixed amount. For more information about group lessons, please contact [email protected].

Mail to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Do you want to join AMVJ Tennis?
Click on "Lid worden?". After processing your registration you will receive a welcome email. It will take about a week before you receive your membership card at your postal address.

Membership 2022

New members will be charged with a one-off entrance fee (25 euro).

Category   Membership fee
Adults (18+)
Full member (volledig lid)
You can play every day of the week from 9-23 hrs. 220.00 euro
Adults (18 +)
Day membership
You can play from Monday - Friday from 9-18 hrs. 147.50 euro
Students (18+) You can play every day of the week from 9-23 hrs. 147.50 euro

Youth member (4-17)

You can play every day of the week from 9-18 hrs. 97.50 euro
We will call in a collection agency ('deurwaarder') to collect the membership fee (if neccesary)   50 euro